Institutional Racism and Social Injustice (Inequality in our society and human rights) Youth and Adults!!!!!!

Here's some concerns from and Concern Mother of Color (African-American) Raising 6 Black Boys.  The one thing that sticks in my mind yes, I have always acknowledged that yes, we live in a world where racism and social injustice exist. Another point I’m trying to understand our ancestors fought hard for us to get where we are today without violence and what don’t our people of color understand. One of my quotes that I like because I’m one who loves research and reading. So, as I’m sitting watching the television is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Dr. King listened to the people through their pain and frustration he found the common thread of what all human beings are looking for-human dignity and respect and helped them find their voices to express this need. Here's some questions for ADULTS please comment and then hit publish in the right hand corner...... How can we as Adults help our youth and young adult find their

Adultification Bias (Youth Only!!!!)

 So, research done at Georgetown Law states that, "One of the ways that Black girls experience "adultification bias" is by singled out and reprimanded for behaviors that is appropriate for their age." How has this affected you and if it didn't affect you what can be done to do different.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset (Youth Only!!!!!)

 What do you consider a fixed mindset?  What do you consider a growth mindset? Let's remember that a Fixed mindset is where you are today, meaning that you don't want change.  Growth mindset is that you know the problem and you want change. Example:  Police Killings of African-American Men and Women So please share Do you want a fixed mindset or a growth mindset???????

Struggles of Girls in Schools (Youth and Adults)

  It's said that black girls are loud and that they talk with attitude.  It's also said that black girls are the fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system. Current research suggest that it’s imperative for researchers and educators to pay more attention to the needs of African American adolescent girls and how their race and gender affects schooling. (Fordham 1993: Morris 2007). First Point: Which part of your identity has had the biggest impact on you so far growing up?  Race Class Gender

Current Events (Youth and Audlts)

 Let's be transparent in how our youth feel about the current events that are happening in today's society.  As some have been around for decades however, this platform is where you can comment because together we can make a difference....please share (The police killings of African-American people,  modernized slavery, etc...)

Social Justice and Racial Inequality:(Youth)

 How are you dealing with racial inequalities?  How is your parents, educators (teachers), and community helping you deal with your feelings?   As protests following the death of George Floyd and all people of color who have been killed by police continue across the country, parents are deciding how to talk to their children about racial inequality and social justice.    To help families communicate about this topic we've setup a blog and all can write how they feel, etc.  As it's important to discuss   racial inequality and social justice with children.